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A true Pacific Northwest Story

“In Plain Sight” is an emotional and impactful story set in modern America among residents of a trailer park who struggle not only with their economic situation but also with a net of mysteries and secrets. The fully black and white game follows 17-year-old Mackenzie Carter, who desperately needs to find out what happened to her mother. During this journey, Mackenzie also gets in touch with her dear but estranged friend April as they both try to uncover even the darkest truth.


FireYside is a small, indie video game studio working on its first title, called “In Plain Sight”, now in production releasing 2020 for PC.

We founded FireYside fascinated by the concept of telling a story through an interactive environment. We want to tell tales that stay with you, keep you awake at night and refuse to leave your mind. Drawing inspiration from the narrative storytelling genre, we enrich it not only by writing tales that are important but also by marrying them with innovative mechanics and riveting gameplay. We believe that video games can become the most compelling medium to empower, enrich and embolden, as much as or even more than movies, books or TV shows.


We hope this journey, this experience while playing “In Plain Sight” will change your life as much as it already changed ours.


“We don’t die in Oregon. We rust.”

Set in the picturesque Cascade mountains in the fictional town Silvercreek, Oregon surrounded by a rich, deep forest and a beautiful lake, the game takes place in the course of one evening in one location of the local trailer park where Mackenzie spent her whole life. The young girl follows the traces of her mom, solves riddles and unravels the mysteries, interacts with other of her neighborhood, quickly learning that everybody hides their secrets and follows their own agenda. Nothing is like it seems, and the young girl quickly discovers she had no idea about the people and places she was raised in. Her only ally is April Palmer, the girl from the other side of the lake, who keeps Mackenzie company calling her during the investigation, helping and encouraging her to move forward. The said advice can be dangerous though making the task more or less risky. The relationship between the two girls thickens an already dense plot, forcing them both to discuss the shared secret never debated before.


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